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A Guide to Social Media for Parents

Last updated on 20th December 2023

Did you know? – In the UK over 71% of children are active on social media.

You may have heard of some social media apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. They are extremely popular among younger people.

Social media enables people to stay in touch with friends and family instantly. You can even follow the lives of celebrities and other idols on the platforms. It is a great way of sharing your life with others, through various forms of content including messages, pictures and videos.

Younger users can have fun using the apps through exploring their interests and identities, as well as be entertained. However, this quick and easy to use method of communication does not come without its risks. There are many dangers on social media because of the easy access it has to communication and information about people. It paves the way for criminals to manipulate users, as well as gives rise to hateful comments and abusive content.

It is particularly important for parents to be aware of the dangers on social media, so that they can ensure their children are protected.

We have created a parents guide to the most popular social media platforms, to help raise awareness to parents on the potential dangers of social media, as well as how to keep children safe online.

A guide to Facebook for parents

Facebook can be used to connect with friends, share a status, chat via messenger, play games and sell items.

A guide to Facebook for Parents

A guide to Instagram for parents

Instagram can be used to share images, stories, follow celebrity lives and send direct messages.

A Guide to Instagram For Parents

A guide to TikTok for parents

TikTok can be used to share short videos, easily accessible all over the world.

A Guide To TikTok For Parents

A guide to Snapchat for parents

Snapchat can be used to chat with friends, share videos, photos and stories with other users.

A Guide To Snapchat For Parents

A guide to Twitter for parents

Twitter can be used to communicate with friends and celebrities, following hashtags/ topics and following others.

A Guide To Twitter For Parents

A guide to YouTube for parents

YouTube is a video sharing platform that allows users to either upload videos to share with users, or watch videos shared by others.

Parents Guide To YouTube

Top tips for keeping safe on social media

  • Ensure accounts are on private.
  • Do not accept follow requests from anyone you don’t know.
  • Block anyone who is bullying or making inappropriate remarks.
  • Mute accounts that are not benefiting your mental health.
  • Ensure you do not give personal/ private information away on social media platforms.
  • Do not share your login details with anyone.
  • Set daily time limits on apps.

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Megan Huziej

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