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Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Level 2

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This Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course is for anyone that works as a food handler. The course teaches best practice when working in any catering role and meets UK regulations for food handlers.

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This course includes the option to play audio at no extra cost!

All about this Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering course

Completing this course is the perfect way to prove your knowledge of food safety and hygiene. The certificate achieved is fully registered with the CPD Certification Service and shows your understanding of food safety procedures.Environmental Health officer Approved Course

Anyone that handles food within their job role is required by law to have undergone suitable food safety training. This course meets this requirement. Our Food Hygiene course is suitable for anyone that comes into contact with food or beverages in the catering sector. This includes those working in restaurants as well as people working in hotels, cafes, fast-food establishments, schools, day nurseries, takeaways and any other position where you have contact with food.

You don’t need to have any previous food hygiene training to do this course.

In order to complete the course, you must achieve 80% or more in the final multiple choice quiz.

You will earn 3 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 3 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.

Institute of Hospitality approved

This course has been independently reviewed and accredited by the Institute of Hospitality. The IoH is the world’s largest body for people working in hospitality professions and globally recognised as a mark of quality. As an Institute of Hospitality accredited course, you can be sure that the materials covered are detailed and highly useful for anyone working in the hospitality and leisure industries.

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This course includes information about Natasha’s Law which came into force on the 1st October 2021.

  • Fully recognised by local authorities
  • Fully CPD registered
  • Environmental Health Officer approved
  • Follows all UK regulations and laws
  • Completed online with instant downloadable certificate
  • Fully printed certificate posted next day
  • Meets legal requirements for food handlers
  • Covers all required legislation and practices
  • Complete the online multiple choice assessment as many times as you need

Units covered

  • Unit 1 – Food safety and the law – In this unit you will look at the importance of food safety and the laws that are in place to protect the public. The unit covers the risks that poor food safety and hygiene poses and the responsibilities of people when working in the food and drinks industry. The enforcement of food safety laws as well as the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations are introduced. We will then move on to look at how food safety inspections are carried out, due diligence for food handlers, HACCP principles and finally the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme.
  • Unit 2 – Preparing Food Safely – In this unit you will learn how to prepare food safely and understand what is meant by the ‘danger zone’. You will learn about the importance of thawing, cooking, hot holding, cooling and re-heating food to safe temperatures in order to ensure that food is safe for consumption and that bacteria is not allowed to multiply and contaminate food. This information is vital to reduce bacterial growth and stop cross contamination, something which is also covered in this unit of the course.
  • Unit 3 – Storing food safely – In this unit you will look at the importance of using reputable suppliers for dealing with food deliveries and consider the common reasons for rejecting food deliveries. We will then move on to the storage of food using refrigeration and freezing techniques. The best-before and use-by system will be covered and methods of stock rotation explained to ensure produce is as fresh as possible.
  • Unit 4 – Food poisoning and contamination – In this unit you will look at what food poisoning means and identify those most at risk from food poisoning. You will consider the common causes of food poisoning and look at ways of preparing food for safe consumption. We will look at the most common types of food poisoning as well as different bacteria which can be present in food. This will lead us on to examine food spoilage and high risk foods. Finally the unit covers preservation of food and methods to reduce bacterial growth.
  • Unit 5 – Hazards and allergens – In this unit you will explore the three types of hazards in the food place, physical, chemical and biological and consider how hazards might get into the food chain and present a problem. You will look at how to prevent physical hazards from people, packaging, products, pests, premises and plant machinery and consider the types of chemical hazards and how these can be avoided. You will also look at biological hazards such as bacteria and viruses and understand some of the common symptoms of allergic reactions. Finally, you will explore the 14 recognised food allergens and learn how to comply with the law with regard to allergen information.
  • Unit 6 – Personal hygiene – In this unit you will learn about the importance of personal hygiene when handling food and the impact on consumers if personal hygiene is not maintained. You will discover the important rules with regard to personal hygiene and understand the importance of wearing protective clothing and removing jewellery. Finally you will consider workplace illnesses and when these should be reported.
  • Unit 7 – Food premises – In this unit you will understand the importance of carefully considering the layout, design and construction of food premises and learn about the regulations covering these. You will look at how to keep the premises clean at all times and learn why cleaning schedules are necessary in order to ensure that all areas are kept sanitised and that none are missed. Finally the unit will cover the common types of pests found on food premises and what can be done to eliminate them.
RoSPA Assured

RoSPA assured training course

This course has been checked and assured for quality and accuracy by RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, to ensure it meets their exacting standards and is up-to-date. Formed over 100 years ago, RoSPA are committed to increasing safety measures and reducing accidents throughout numerous industries as well as campaigning for better standards in health and safety worldwide.

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How do I study this course?

This course is studied completely online through our online platform. Once enrolled, you can access your course through your own account on any device and work through the units at your own pace. Each unit is very clear and allows you to click through every section to read all of the information included. Along the way there are some small multiple-choice questions to test your understanding before a final multiple-choice quiz at the end to earn your certificate.

What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is the idea that education should never stop and that everyone should continue to learn. The principles of CPD allow you to learn new skills, as well as improve existing ones, throughout your career. All of our CPD courses are registered with the CPD Certification Service (the world’s leading and largest CPD accreditation organisation) as well as multiple other reputable organisations. Learn more about CPD by clicking here.

How long do I have to study?

There is no restriction on how long you can take to complete this course. Once enrolled, you can finish in as much time as you need.

Who is this Food Hygiene Level 2 course for?

This course is designed for anyone who is working in a catering role and is classed as a food handler. Everybody who works close to food or drink is required by law to hold a valid food hygiene certificate which is what this course offers. This includes chefs, waiting staff, hotel workers, baristas, lunchtime supervisors and essentially anyone at all that works with food or drink.

What is included in the price?

Our Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Level 2 course includes all of your tuition through the course, a PDF downloadable copy of your certificate and a hard copy which we send to you for free as soon as you pass. There are no additional costs at all and everything is included in the price.

How often do I need to renew this course?

After completion, this course is valid for 2 years which means that after this time the certificate will expire. When this happens simply purchase the course again through your account and complete the course to renew your CPD and get your new certificate sent out.

food hygiene for caterers course level 2
Food Safety and Hygiene for Catering Level 2
£20 + VAT