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How to spot a fake ID

How to Spot a Fake ID UK

A freedom of information release has revealed that nearly 2,000 fraudulent identity documents are presented to Border Force staff per
What is age discrimination

What is Age Discrimination?

Recent research into discrimination in the workplace by the UK-based HR company CIPHR produced startling results. They found that 11%
What is the gig economy

What is the Gig Economy?

In England and Wales, 4.4 million people are working for gig economy platforms at least once a week, according to
What is a stammer

What is a Stammer?

Stammering is a disorder of fluency, meaning that the flow of speech is disrupted, resulting in disjointed words and sentences.
What are the HR policies of a company

What are the HR Policies of a Company?

Organisations need formal written documents, such as policies and procedures, to ensure robust governance and to effectively communicate standard organisational
What is gender pay gap reporting

What is Gender Pay Gap Reporting?

For many employees and employers, the gender pay gap (and eliminating it) is hugely important. Despite many advances in how
What is IR35

What is IR35?

The Contracting sector in the UK contributes more than £300bn to the economy each year. Contractors are used by both
What is organisational abuse

What is Organisational Abuse?

Organisational abuse is where poor working practices and inadequate care in a specific setting leads to the mistreatment and/or harm
Food traceability

Food Traceability

When it comes to the food chain, people are talking more and more about traceability. But what is traceability? In
Soft and hard facilities management

Soft and Hard Facilities Management

All commercial premises and public sector buildings require facilities to ensure that they function properly. Facilities management covers a wide
What is garden leave

What is Garden Leave?

Whenever someone leaves a job, whether by choice, redundancy or dismissal, there is usually a period of notice before the
What is pain management

What is Pain Management?

The British Pain Society estimates that almost 10 million people in Britain suffer from pain almost every day which impacts
Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

What is Foetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome, sometimes referred to as Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), is a term given to a wide range
What is autism spectrum disorder

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder, or ASD, is a neurological condition and developmental disorder. This condition primarily affects communication, learning and behaviour.
Is home-schooling good or bad

Is Home-schooling good or bad?

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about lots of permanent changes as well as many temporary ones. One change has been
What is sabbatical leave

All about Sabbatical leave

The travel site Opodo asked 2,000 UK employees whether they would consider taking sabbatical leave, and although 71% said that
What is hybrid working

What is Hybrid Working?

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home was the exception, not the rule. Lockdown in March 2020 changed all that.
Construction waste disposal

Construction Waste Disposal

All businesses produce some waste, but by far the largest waste stream generated in London, for example, is construction and