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Mental Health

What is Overgeneralisation

What is Overgeneralisation?

We are all guilty of forms of overgeneralising from time to time. Our bus is late, we sigh and say,
All About Jumping to Conclusions

All About Jumping to Conclusions

Human brains are finely tuned, decision-making machines designed to make quick judgments on a wide variety of confusing events. Our
All About Cognitive Distortions

All about Cognitive Distortions

There are times when all of us have unfounded thoughts about ourselves, other people or a situation, for example when
What is Selective Abstraction

What is Selective Abstraction?

Anyone who listens to, reads or watches news and current affairs at the moment is forgiven for thinking that the
What is Magical Thinking

What is Magical Thinking?

Even though we are in the 21st century, numerous superstitions from times gone by still prevail. Many of these superstitions
What is Emotional Reasoning

What is Emotional Reasoning?

We have all had times when we have felt anxious about something and thought to ourselves, “I know this isn't
All about second hand stress

All about Second-hand stress

Most of us have felt stressed at some point in our lives and it’s very likely that we’ve also felt
All about dermatillomania

All About Dermatillomania

According to Psychology Today, around 1.4% of the population are affected by dermatillomania. Of these, 75% are female. This chronic
All about Anger

All about Anger

Whether it’s a fleeting annoyance or a simmering rage, anger has the potential to profoundly impact our lives and relationships.
All about Financial Trauma

All about Financial Trauma

In the vast realm of personal struggles, financial trauma remains a pervasive and often overlooked source of emotional distress. Beyond
Sleep And Mental Health

All about Sleep and Mental Health

Extensive research reveals a powerful relationship between sleep and mental health, with each influencing the other. According to a recent
All about Anger Management

All about Anger Management

Emotional well-being is a vast landscape, filled with intricate nuances that shape our lives. Among the myriad of emotions we
All about pet bereavement

All about Pet bereavement

With around 62% of UK households now owning a pet, the effects of losing a pet are affecting (or will
All about workplace anxiety

All about Workplace Anxiety

According to a survey conducted by the Mental Health Foundation in 2020, almost 1 in 5 UK workers (18%) reported
All about Mindfulness

All about Mindfulness

Modern-day life can be busy and often stressful. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, stress is the brain