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Free Kitchen Safety Posters

Last updated on 20th December 2023

It is important to have good awareness of good hygiene practices when handling food, as well as remembering the health and safety rules in the kitchen. Having clear visuals to ensure safe practices are maintained and understood are key in any food preparation area.

To help you and your colleagues remember and stay safe you can access all of our kitchen health and safety posters for free! 

Hand washing poster

It is important to know the correct way to wash your hands. Everyone who works in a kitchen will be aware of how much they need to wash their hands, but do they know the correct techniques?

Harmful bacteria such as Campylobacter, MRSA, flu and Salmonella can spread easily from a persons hands to food, work surfaces and equipment. Effective hand washing will prevent this from occurring.

Kitchen Safety - Hand washing poster

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Colour Coded Chopping Board Poster

Chopping boards are essential in the kitchen for any chef. Colour coded chopping boards make it easier for chefs to know which board to use when preparing various types of food. It is important to use the correct one to prevent cross contamination and will keep your customers safe.

Displaying a poster above where the chopping boards are kept will help remind your staff which one to use during a busy service.

Chopping board colours free poster

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Clean as You Go Poster

A clean as you go policy is important to make sure that the risk to hygiene, health and safety is minimised as much as possible and to keep the working environment free from any hazards.

The work surfaces are easier to keep clean from bacteria when they are kept clear. If you didn’t tidy as you went through your working shift, by the end the equipment and plates would be stacked high and there is the risk of cross contamination and hazards to be present in the kitchen.

Kitchen Safety - Clean as you go poster

Allergens Poster

By law you need to know what allergenic ingredients are in your dishes and provide your customers with accurate information.

There are 14 main ones that you need to be aware of, displaying our allergen awareness poster in your kitchen which will be in frequent view will help you and your colleagues know what foods have any of the main allergens in them.

Kitchen Safety - The 14 Allergens

Food Temperatures Poster

It is important to keep food out of the temperature danger zone. If you don’t it can cause the food to become contaminated, which can then lead to food poisoning.

This also applies for storing food in the fridge and freezer. If the temperatures aren’t correct it can lead to food becoming contaminated.

Our food temperatures poster can be displayed to remind all members in the kitchen how they should be storing food to prevent contamination.

Food Hygiene free poster
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