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Food Hygiene

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All About Coeliac Disease

All about Coeliac Disease

If you have coeliac disease symptoms but are undiagnosed you might be experiencing stomach pains, diarrhoea and bloating that you
What Is Gluten

What is gluten?

It is estimated that 8.5 million people in the UK have now gone "gluten free". In the supermarket there is
Defrosting Food Safely

Defrosting food safely

Freezing is an effective preservation method that we have used to preserve our food for centuries. It does this by
What Is Anaphylaxis

What is anaphylaxis?

Many people in the UK have allergies. In fact, the UK has some of the highest prevalence rates of allergic
What are foodborne diseases

What are foodborne diseases?

We don't often consider food as being a risk in our everyday lives. However, if something looks off or doesn't
What is HACCP

What is HACCP?

When we consume our food and drink, we expect it to be safe and free from anything that can potentially
Catering tips and tricks

Catering tips and tricks

Catering tips and tricks are needed now more than ever. Working in food preparation is a challenging industry, with plenty
Types of food contamination

Types of food contamination

Food contamination is a global safety concern, with 1 in 10 people falling ill each year due to eating food
Food Allergen Labelling

Food allergen labelling

Food allergen labelling is crucially important for food safety. An estimated 2 million people suffer from a food allergy in
What is Salmonella poisoning?

What is Salmonella poisoning?

In the last ten years, Salmonella infections have affected roughly 7000-12,000 people in the UK every year. Salmonella is a
Chefs practicing kitchen safety

Free kitchen safety posters

It is important to have good awareness of good hygiene practices when handling food, as well as remembering the health
Chefs cleaning as you go after busy day

What is a clean as you go policy?

The clean as you go policy is standard working practice throughout industry and is especially important in the retail, hospitality
What foods can be rehaeated?

What foods can be reheated?

What foods can be reheated? Including meat, bread, pasta & more, we look at various foods and if they can be reheated from a fridge.

can you cook from frozen

What can you cook from frozen?

What foods can you cook from frozen? Including meat, bread, pasta & more, we look at various foods and if they can be cooked from frozen.

Separated food in fridge to prevent cross contamination

What is cross contamination?

Cross contamination is the transfer of bacteria from contaminated foods (usually raw) to ready to eat foods by either direct
Avoiding cross contamination

Avoiding cross contamination

It is important to follow steps to avoid cross contamination. Often people think that if they cook meat it will
Chef chopping meat on chopping board as it is a high risk food

What is a high risk food?

High risk food that isn't handled and used properly is the main reason for food poisoning. Around 500 people a
14 food allergens

The 14 Food Allergens

Food businesses in the UK have been required since December 2014 to be aware of 14 prescribed allergens in their