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Self-Employment Law Changes

Law changes for the self-employed

There are over 4 million self-employed workers in the United Kingdom. Before 2015, millions of these workers had to comply
How To Take Minutes

How to take minutes

Interestingly, the average British professional spends as much time in meetings each year as they do on annual leave; that
The Common Types Of Identity Theft

The common types of identity theft

The National Crime Agency identifies fraud as the most commonly experienced crime in the UK. Fraud costs the UK many
What Is A Personal Development Plan

What is a personal development plan?

To achieve success and happiness in your education, career and personal life, you should continuously improve your knowledge, skills and
Guide to Zero-Hour Contracts

Guide to zero-hour contracts

In 2020, there were over 1.05 million people on zero-hours contracts in the UK. A zero-hours contract is a formal
What is good customer service in retail?

What is good customer service in retail?

High standards of customer service are often broadly associated with the hospitality industry, where interactions are interpersonal and staff rely
How To Conduct A Grievance Hearing

How to conduct a grievance hearing

A grievance is any concern, problem or complaint that an employee raises with their employer. Examples include discrimination and dismissal.
Managing change in business

Managing change in business

Change happens in every industry, being able to make decisions effectively is a key component of management and will allow
How to conduct a disciplinary hearing

How to conduct a disciplinary hearing?

Conflict in the workplace has many negative effects for businesses of all sizes. Disciplinaries and grievances cause low work morale,
The Kitchen Hierarchy Explained

The kitchen hierarchy explained

There are many different roles in a kitchen and chef titles can sometimes be confusing. Even when you know what
How to Reduce Employee Turnover

How to reduce employee turnover

According to statistics from Monster, the average UK staff turnover rate is 15%. However, this number tends to vary between
Reducing absenteeism in the workplace

Reducing absenteeism in the workplace

Did you know that absenteeism currently costs UK employers around £21 billion each year, with each business losing around £500
Man making notes on paper as he is preparing to recruit

Preparing to recruit

The five step process ACAS (The Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service) recommends that organisations apply the first step of a
Discrimination in the workplace

What is discrimination?

A general definition of discrimination refers to be as being unfair or unjust treatment of people because they possess certain
Employees organising meeting

How to organise meetings

The meeting planner To effectively plan and organise meetings for multiple employees, businesses or clients you need to use a
Workers discussing work

Different types of leaders

What is a leader? Leadership comes in different forms. A leader is someone who provides an example for others to
How we make CPD courses

How we make our courses

Learn about how we make our awesome online CPD courses and how we build the best learning experience for your learning experience.