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CPD Certified Courses

Getting CPD that is recognised is needed in many careers. By working with the CPD Certification Service, you can rest assured that our online courses are fully accredited by the largest CPD organisation in the world.

With this recognition, our courses are seen as the perfect way to continue learning. Employers will recognise CPD-certified courses are a mark of quality and continued excellence.

CPD Certification Service Courses
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Why the CPD Certification Service?


World’s leading independent CPD accreditation

The CPD Certification Service are the world’s largest independent CPD accreditation provider and the most recognised.


Championing learning

Our shared passion for continuous, life-long learning, allows us to provide fully accredited CPD to many different sectors.


Range of learning needs

The CPD Certification Service doesn’t just accredit online courses, they also work to provide CPD certificates to a range of other learning methods including seminars and events.

Popular CPD Courses

We offer a huge range of CPD Certification Service-endorsed courses. Choose a category below to find the perfect CPD course for you.

Administering Medication in School Certificate

Fully Accredited Certification

We know that the main things our customers require are ease of use when completing a course and recognised certification. This is why we partner with some of the UK’s most recognised bodies to ensure our certificates are recognised by employers.

Our CPD courses show joint branding from the CPD Online College as well as the Certification Service. All of our courses are also endorsed by the CPD Certification Service as well as many having other accreditations.

Health and Safety for Employees

This course is designed for anyone looking for a general background knowledge of health and safety in the workplace. The course covers a wide variety of health and safety practice including ergonomics, COSHH, fire, electricity, working at height, noise and vibration.

Units covered

  • Unit 1 – Health and safety legislation
  • Unit 2 – Risks in the workplace
  • Unit 3 – Assessing risk
  • Unit 4 – Equipment in the workplace
  • Unit 5 – Manual handling and ergonomics
  • Unit 6 – Hazardous substances, fire, electricity
  • Unit 7 – Working at height, noise, vibration
Health and Safety Level 2