Pain Control and Management in Care

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Our Pain Control and Management course is suitable for those working in care, throughout this course you will gain a greater understanding of what pain is, how it can impact people’s lives and how pain can be managed.

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Course Description

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All about this Pain Control and Management in Care Course

During this pain control and management in care course, you will develop your understanding of pain and its management in a care setting.

The course will first look into what pain is and the types of pain individuals may experience. You will be introduced to identification methods of pain in individuals that may not be able to easily communicate their discomfort. The course will then go on to highlight the care plans that may be implemented to document the pains and its impacts.

You will develop your knowledge surrounding pain assessment and management, along with possible impacts and side effects of these management methods. The course will look at how pain can be managed in a number of ways and how holistic care can be used to improve an individual’s experience of pain.

You will move onto exploring the ethical, professional and legal issues that surround pain management, with focus on laws that affect the use of pain management methods in those at the end of life or who have a chronic need for pain management.

This course aims to increase your understanding of pain and how it can be exhibited differently by different individuals. How pain may affect someone physically, psychologically and socially. How it can be managed medically and holistically, and how its management is regulated lawfully and its implications professionally and ethically.

In order to complete the course, you must achieve 80% or more in the final multiple choice quiz.

You will earn 3 CPD points on completion of the course, this course will take around 3 hours to complete and the certificate will last for two years.

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  • Suitable for anyone working in a care role
  • Complete the online multiple choice assessment as many times as you need to pass

Units covered

  • Unit 1 – Introduction to to pain control and management in care – In this first unit you will learn what pain is and how it may be experienced by an individual and what the different factors are that may cause pain. You will also look at the types of acute and chronic pain an individual may experience.
  • Unit 2 – Identifying pain – In this unit you explore how to identify pain in individuals including those who are elderly or have a reduced ability to communicate feelings of pain, you will then look at how care plans can be used to inform pain management and improve communication between healthcare professionals and individuals in their care. You will then explore how pain diaries can be used by individuals to improve quality of life and pain management outcomes. Finally you will look at a case study.
  •  Unit 3 – Pain management – In this unit you will consider the types of pain management that are available to individuals and how these may be useful to those who suffer from either acute or chronic pain, you will also explore your role in facilitating a pain management plan to better improve pain outcomes. Finally you will look at the side effects of pain management and how pain may be controlled using a more holistic approach to reduce dependence on medications.
  • Unit 4 – Ethical, Legal and professional issues surrounding effective pain management – In this final unit you will focus on ethical issues regarding pain management, the legal issues that surround pain management and how these can affect individuals and their care at the end of life or during cancer treatment, you will also explore the laws and legislation of pain management. Finally you will look at how to identify and manage the risk of substance abuse in pain management.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about this course and others that we offer. If you still have any questions, simply contact our course advisors on 0800 077 3063 or email

How long does the course take to complete?

This course takes a few hours to complete and you can do this without any restrictions. This means you can buy the course and start at any time. You can also begin your learning, stop and come back to the course to pick up where you left off.

Is this Pain Control and Management in Care course accredited?

Yes the course is fully accredited through the CPD Certification Service. They review all of our content to check for quality, depth and that the material is fully up-to-date. Each year our membership with the service is renewed and all courses are thoroughly checked prior to being accredited.

Will I get a certificate when I finish?

Yes, as soon as you finish this course you can immediately download a PDF version of your personalised certificate. We also then send a fully printed copy to you by first class post.

How long does the certificate last?

The certificate after finishing this course lasts for 2 years until expiry which is when we recommend completing the training again. Some industries may require an update to CPD more frequently than this and others may not but, as a standard rule, we recommend completing the Pain Control and Management in Care course every 2 years to ensure it is fresh in your mind and you understanding the latest regulations.

What are the benefits of completing this Pain Control and Management in Care course online?

By completing this course online you can study in your own time and at your own pace. Having the ability to complete the units at a time to suit you engages your learning much more and enables you to interact and soak up the information easier.

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This course has been checked and assured for quality and accuracy by RoSPA, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, to ensure it meets their exacting standards and is up-to-date. Formed over 100 years ago, RoSPA are committed to increasing safety measures and reducing accidents throughout numerous industries as well as campaigning for better standards in health and safety worldwide.

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Pain Management Course
Pain Control and Management in Care
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