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Last updated on 2nd March 2023

Customer profile: Younger people with dementia

Younger People With Dementia

Younger People With Dementia is a charity set up in 2012, they support adults who have been diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65. They also support the families and carers.

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Thank you to Julie for taking the time to answer the questions below!

When was your company established?

The charity was set up in 2012.

How many staff do you have?

We currently have 10 staff.

What does your company do?

YPWD (Berkshire) CIO offers respite to carers through the provision of a number of different workshops for younger people with dementia throughout the working week and/or 1:1 support.  People with dementia can access a variety of workshops which change every six weeks but can include Choir, Gardening, Creative Arts, Cooking, Katakanuing and walking.

Where is your company based?

The main office is in Wokingham, Berkshire but workshops take place at different venues throughout Berkshire so that everyone can access can access a local group.

What made you decide to enrol your staff with CPD Online College?

I looked online at various online courses and you had a large selection of courses that we required.

How would you rate your experience with CPD Online College?

It’s been good, easy to contact and easy to book courses.

How did you and your staff find the online training?

The courses we had to do were serious subjects and therefore difficult to keep light so I think we mostly found the courses quite heavy going as due to the nature of our work, we had to do several courses in a short space of time which did prove quite demanding.

Did you find enrolling and setting up the group users easy?


What courses did your staff do and how do they relate to the industry you work in?

We did DOLS, MCA, Safeguarding Children, Safeguarding Adults, Prevent and Depression Awareness.  We work with clients who have been diagnosed with dementia under the age of 65 and as this is a mental illness, the clients can be vulnerable and therefore we needed to take courses to understand the way to best support them.

Would you recommend CPD Online College to other businesses looking to train a team?

Yes I would.

How many staff have you trained with CPD Online College?


As a busy manager did you find that purchasing the courses and enrolling your staff was quick and easy?

Yes I have been very pleased with the process and the staff at CPD have always been very friendly and helpful.

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