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Quiz: Test your knowledge on Postnatal Depression

It is important to be up to date with your knowledge on postnatal depression, to be able to help others around you who may be suffering. Have a go at our quiz and see if your knowledge is up to date!


Which of the following is the term used to describe a very serious pychotic reaction to childbirth?

Confused woman
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How is having a Caesaraen section thought to impact the risk of postnatal depression?

Woman giving birth in hospital
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Which of the following is not a common symptom of post natal depression?

New mum with her baby
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Which is most likely to happen when someone suffers from postnatal depression?

Depressed new mother
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Which of the following is least likely to increase the risk of postnatal depression?

New mother struggling to juggle work and looking after er baby
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What common name is given to the change in hormone levels in a woman after they give birth?

Unhappy mother struggling after giving birth
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Postnatal Depression new
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Postnatal Depression Awareness

Well done, it looks like you are up to date with your knowledge

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