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Quiz: Test your knowledge on anxiety

It is important to be up to date with your knowledge on anxiety, this will help you to help people in your profession, as well as friends and family. Have a go at our quiz and see if your knowledge is up to date!


What terms describes when an individual is reluctant to attend social events?

Upset woman sat at home
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Which is not a common symptom of a panic attack?

Anxious woman talking to therapist
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Which of the following contributes to feelings of happiness?

Happy woman
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Which of these is the name of an instinct commonly related to stress?

Man sat worrying
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Which of these personality types is most associated with stress?

Man sat overwhelmed
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Which of the following is not likely to be felt when experiencing anxiety?

Stressed and anxious woman
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High blood pressure linked to anxiety is an example of what symptom type when related to stress?

Woman feeling overwhelmed
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Quiz: Test your knowledge on anxiety
Looks like it is time to refresh your memory, check out our anxiety awareness course.

Anxiety Awareness course

Well done, it looks as though you are up to date with information

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Anxiety Awareness Course

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