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Last updated on 13th September 2021

Customer profile: Where Next

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Established in 1984, Where Next is a local charity that offers work experience, life skills and social opportunities to people with learning disabilities. We offer our services in several units across Worcestershire and Warwickshire. Each unit is staffed by qualified professionals and offers unique experiences and opportunities for all. We work in a commercial environment providing the opportunity to mix with customers and the local community. We also offer guidance and support to parents and carers of the individuals.

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Thank you to Russell for taking the time to answer the questions below!

What does your company do?

Where next are a charity that provides a vocational based day service to adults with a learning disability.

What made you decide to enrol your staff with CPD Online College?

We needed compliant training that wasn’t too time consuming or that didn’t talk down to the years of experience that is within the organisation.

How would you rate your experience with CPD Online College?

10 out of 10, the courses were easy to access and the at the right level for all to achieve, the customer service level was excellent too.

How did you and your staff find the online training?

Through a marketing email that was sent to us. We then discussed our needs on the online chat.

How many staff have you trained with CPD Online College?

I believe the current number is 20, but I have a few more staff who will be going through the training during September.

What courses did your staff do and how do they relate to the industry you work in?

Mental capacity and safeguarding – these courses were pretty much perfect for our environment.

Would you recommend CPD Online College to other businesses looking to train a team?

Yes and I have done, if you have anybody from Midland Mencap sign up that is from my recommendation 😉

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