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Quiz: Which fire extinguisher should I use?

Since there can be multiple types of fire, there are multiple types of fire extinguisher. Each one is designed specifically to put out only fires that it was manufactured to tackle. Have a go at our quiz and see if you can link the type of fire to the correct extinguisher!


A CO2 extinguisher can be used on electrical fires and what else?

Man using fire extinguisher fighting fire closeup photo.
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What is the only class of fire that a water extinguisher can be used on?

learning to use the fire extinguisher
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Which of the following can NOT be used on a Class A fire?

class A log fire
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Which of the following can be used on an electrical fire?

Overloaded electrical circuit causing electrical short and fire.
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What type of extinguisher should be used on flammable metals (Class D)?

sparks flying while machine griding and finishing metal
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Which fire extinguisher should I use?
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